NIM: configuration of NFS mount option

NIM: configuration of NFS mount option

Post by Claudia Baertsch » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I've heard that it should be possible to configure NFS mount options for
operating system installs via NIM.
Could anyone tell me where to configure that?



1. NFS mount of NIM server directory, not all subdirectories showing.

I'm mounting a NIM directory (/export) onto another server.  The mount
works fine but when I view the underlying sub-directories some of them
are not visible.  It appears that the directories with file
permissions drwxr-sr-x- are the ones not showing up.  My question is,
if I change those permissions on the remote NIM server (say to
rwx-rwx-rwx) which I'm trying to mount it's directory, will it cause
me any problems with normal NIM operations later?  Research tells me
the "s" possibly stands for a "Set user (or group) ID".  Can I change
this back after I finish the mount operations?  I'm a little lost on
how to change the permission back to "s" once I've changed it.  I'm
using root to perform the mount, is there possibly a better way to get
around this than even changing the permissions in the first place?

I thank you in advance for your time,

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