AIX 3.2, Selective Enhancements/Fixes and emergency fixes

AIX 3.2, Selective Enhancements/Fixes and emergency fixes

Post by Jon Alper » Sun, 09 Aug 1992 06:07:13

{ I do not represent Bellcore or IBM, and all of the following
came from various people at IBM. Any mistakes are my own (even if
I don't want to take responsibility for them...}

There has been a number of issues raised here about the differences
between selective enhancements, selective fixes, and emergency fixes
for AIX 3.2. I am going to attempt to clarify this, and perhaps someone
will include it in the FAQ.

 The base operating system release is AIX 3.2.0, which is composed of
a number of licensed program products (LPP) and optional program
products (OPP).
  After the initial release of AIX 3.2 and a slew of RS/6000 products,
IBM introduces some new products (like the model 220) that required
new software to be introduced. This selective enhancement was called
AIX 3.2.1, but (and this is the important point) is not required by
 A few month later, IBM introduced more products (the Model 970, for
example) and once again a set of enhancements to support these new
products were release (aka AIX 3.2.2).

 Now, both AIX 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 sit on top of AIX 3.2.0. It is
possible to apply a selective enhancement from AIX 3.2.2 without first
applying 3.2.1 (actually...I lie, but forgive me...I'll clarify in a moment).
Once again, one can apply only those selective ehancements needed, so
if you don't have a Model 220 or 970, you do not need these enhancements.

 It is easier to think of an ehancement as a number of smaller
packages (PTF's) which must be installed as a unit. Some of these
smalled packages may be included in another enhancement (know as
a prereq or coreq). When a PTF is installed, a check is made to
see if the prereq or coreq has been installed. If not, the prereq/coreq
must be installed first, and then the chosen enhancement.
(Depending upon what the pre-req is, a second pass through the selective
enhancement tape may be needed to pick up the actual enhancement).

 These pre-req's may be part of the AIX 3.2.0 release, a fix delivered
by IBM's defect support organization on top of AIX 3.2.0, a selective
enhancement itself from AIX 3.2.1, a fix to a selective enhancement
found in 3.2.1, etc.  This is why installing a selective enhancement
from AIX 3.2.2 may have the effect of installing a selective enhancement
from AIX 3.2.1, even though you never installed 3.2.1 directly.

Selective fixes work the same way, only the tape which contains a
selective fix may have portions of selective enhancements as their
prereqs/coreqs. Emergency fixes are provided directly by IBM's defect
support organization to the customer who first reported a problem and
provided them a test case to help test the fix at the customer site
whilst IBM performs regression testing. Once the regression test is
finished (and passed), the fix is packaged as a selective fix, and
sent to all customers who have informed IBM that they would like this
fix. As part of this packaging process, all prereqs to install this
fix directly from the 3.2.0 level are included on the tape. Since
emergency fixes are not packaged this way, you may need to remove them
before applying the actual selective fix.

The current architecture of selective fixes, enhancements, etc can be
looked at in this way:

  |                              Selective FIX                      |
  +     +----------------------------------+                        |
  |     |         AIX 3.2.2                |                        |
  +-----------------+                      |                        |
  | AIX 3.2.1       |                      |                        |
  |          AIX 3.2.0                                              |

 Well.. I hope that helped. If I am apologies (but do tell me
what is should be). If this is useful information, you're welcome.


Jon Alperin
Bell Communications Research

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---> UUNET: uunet!bcr!jona

* All opinions and stupid questions are my own *


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