cprolog on RS6000 3001

cprolog on RS6000 3001

Post by Bob Ware 209 Green C 27339 » Sun, 09 Dec 1990 08:25:26

Does anyone have cprolog working on an RS/6000 3001?

Bob Ware, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Co 80401, USA
(303) 273-3987


1. Compiling rn under 3001

Once again, a broken mailer/rn will hopelessly mangle my path, it should be:

When compiling rn (don't have the version no. handy, but I ftp'd it fairly
recently (2 months ago)), I encounter the following :

        cc -c -O  ngdata.c
xlc: 1501-230 Internal compiler error; please contact your IBM representative
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 40.

Has anyone successfully compiled and installed rn on the RS6000? If so, is
there some magic I need to do (or another copy to ftp)?

Peter Blemel

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