TSM3.7.4 Netscapeand AIX4.3.3

TSM3.7.4 Netscapeand AIX4.3.3

Post by Felix Muelbaie » Wed, 17 Jan 2001 02:19:32

I had a problem with TSM 3.7.4 and the Netscape Browser.
I did a upgrade from TSM3.7.2 to 3.7.4 because I had to attach a IBM ULTRIUM
Tape library to this TSM System.
After the update from TSM I do  dsmserv upgrade db
Then I defined the library the drives and the deviceclass with  the define
command at the commandline. Because it was not possible to define the
deviceclass with the Netscape.
Now the problem:
Some entries like Automated Drives or Automated Libraries are doubled at the
I do dsmserv runfile dsmserv.idl but no change.
Has anyone an idea how I can fix this problem. At  the TIVOLI  website I
find anything to solve the problem.
Thanks for Help

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