dynamic IP adresses in PPP

dynamic IP adresses in PPP

Post by Vansweevelt Han » Fri, 24 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I've set up a configuration for PPP dial in on an AIX Server.
The clients are Linux/Win95. Adresses are assigned dynamically.

I can not access any Hosts beyond the local subnet. I think
this is due to the fact that the network mask is not
set correctly. On Linux one can easily assign a subnet
on the ppp dial in connection, but on win95 I can't see how to
do this. Am I right in thinking that the network mask should
be transmitted by the PPP server, and if so is there a problem
with AIX (I use 4.1.5) ? (When I dial some other ISP, the network
mask is set up correctly).

Should you have any hints on how to solve this, then please send
me a message.


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In a dialin network the pcs get a dynamicly assigned ip-address.
in that lan the dial-in users want to access some hosts via telnet, ftp
and so on.
this is only allowed, when it is certain, that user1 has ip-address1,
user2 has ip-address2 ...

Is it possible to set up ip-masquerading or the tis firewall toolkit to
give a certain user a
fix ip-address?

Norbert Wegener

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