AIX anonymous FTP list, and porting to AIX FAQ

AIX anonymous FTP list, and porting to AIX FAQ

Post by Frederick Staa » Fri, 23 Aug 1991 08:50:33

        It seems that I have been spending half my life porting software to our RS/6000 computers.  It is time to ease the pain for myself and others!

        I am building an anonymous ftp list for AIX.  Everyone who
has software ported to AIX available via anonymous ftp should send me
mail describing the ftp address, what is available, which version of
the operating system, what hardware is required, and where it is.  In
addition I'm starting a "Porting to AIX FAQ" which will describe how
to port specific packages to the RS/6000.  I encourage people to send
me Makefiles, scripts and READMEs specific to porting RS6000 software.

        I almost always get my incoming mail.  My outgoing mail is
broken (the "feature" of using a relay host will not be not be in
sendmail until AIX 3.2 according to my SE.)  In a few weeks I will be able to put the ftp list on anonymous ftp.  Right now our new main server is on order (the PO has been cut) so I will wait until it shows up.

Frederick Staats

(408) 459-3575
Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics
University of California at Stanta Cruz


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