uucp & Terminal emulation via X.25

uucp & Terminal emulation via X.25

Post by Stefan Ti » Sat, 27 Jun 1992 20:39:29

I know how to configure uucp to work with different kind of modems, but now
I have now idea how to go on:

I've got an RS6000 (AIX 3.2) with a X.25 adapter connected to the German
DATEX-P network. I'd like to do uucp with another site via X.25.

Is there a way to do this?

Is there a simple way to log into another machine via X.25? I need a terminal
emulation (e.g. Vt100) on my side.


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1. PC to mainframe data transfer for DDA via X.25 & UNIX host.

We have the following scenario:
1)      PC's connected to UNIX boxes.
2)      An X.25 network which includes the UNIX boxes and an IBM mainframe.
3)      DDA software running on the mainframe and on the PC's.

In an IBM environment, with the PC's connected to the mainframe using an
Attachmate or IRMA board connected to a 3274 (or similar) controller, or via
modem connection to the mainframe, it is possible for data to be transferred
between the PC DDA and the mainframe DDA, without any special action by the

Currently, clients connected via the UNIX hosts are using a solution which
requires that the user initiate the transfer at the mainframe, then hot-key
to DOS and run the transfer program for the PC end of the data transfer.
Our aim is to make the data transfer occur automatically, in the background,
in the same way as a transfer would occur using the IRMA board and direct
link to the mainframe.

Please mail responses, rather than posting them to the net.

Tim Frost

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