Ethertalk for RS/60000

Ethertalk for RS/60000

Post by Stein Onsr » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 02:45:09

I want to use an RS/6000 as an Ethertalk and Appletalk file and print  
Is there any product available to help me do this ?

Stein Onsrud
SiO Data


1. Which RS/60000?

we have an RS/6000 server running AIX at our university. Curious as I
am, I tried to find out what that thing looks like on the IBM website,
but found that there are a couple of (very different) computers called
RS/6000. Is there any way I can tell what kind of box that thing is? I
have a shell account on it, so ask me what you need to know and I#LL
try to find out.


PS: No, I am not trying to hack/crack that computer, I am just curious
about what it looks like because it's locked up somewhere.

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