Terminal Emulators/ Virtual Terminals

Terminal Emulators/ Virtual Terminals

Post by Bradley T. Frees » Thu, 16 May 1991 06:50:51

> ...
> Along these lines, I've tried using the terminal emulator called 'ate'
> packaged with AIX 3.1.  It interprets CTRL-B for toggling file capture, and
> CTRL-V for escaping to a main menu after establishing a connection.  Well vi
> also uses these sequences, so when I'm editing files remotely,  vi never sees
> any of these commands and I'm constantly toggling file capture.

> Anybody know how to work around this problem?

Look in your current or $HOME directory where you normally run 'ate'.
There should be a file called "ate.def".  Edit this file and at the
end of it you should find three lines that read something like:


These lines define the ASCII values of the three control keys in 'ate'.
By defaults, CTRL-B toggles file capture, CTRL-Z returns to the main
menu, and CTRL-V returns to the previous screen.  To change these,
simple edit the file.  Specify the decimal version of the ASCII value
that you want to do these functions.


1. Terminal Emulators/ Virtual Terminals

 We have just installed a new rs6000 running AIX 3.1, our situation requires
setting up several PC 386 machines as direct connections.  The problem I'm
experiencing is that I haven't found an emulator that will allow multiple
virtual terminals on a dumb terminal or even if AIX 3.1 supports this.

        Another problem  is that the terminfo terminal types present
(ie vt100, vt220) either don't support all funstion keys or line drawing
characteristics.  This problem has happened trying to run SMIT from
one of the direct connected PC's.

        If anyone has any suggestions that may help, they wouyld be greatly
Thanx in advance,
Wayne Daley
MAIL: uunet!crdgw1!sixhub!hanys!root

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