Target mode ssa AIX 4.3.1

Target mode ssa AIX 4.3.1

Post by David Ry » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone have a set of notes on configuring

Target mode SSA

I seam to remember reading somthing about having to remove the SSA
controler definition after installing the target mode software but can
not remember where :-(

J. David Rye


Target mode ssa AIX 4.3.1

Post by Tom Weav » Sat, 03 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Does anyone have a set of notes on configuring

>Target mode SSA

Here's some instructions, assuming that you want to use this in an HACMP
cluster.  If not, the basic configuration information is perhaps still useful.

                    Implementation Guide for Target Mode SSA

        Target mode SSA is available on SSA on Multi-Initiator RAID
        adapters, F/C 6215 and 6219 at microcode level 1801, or later.


        AIX Target Mode SSA Support
        HACMP Version 4.2.2, APAR IX75718
                or later


        The node number on each system needs to be changed from the
        default of zero to a number.  All systems on the SSA loop must
        have a unique node number.

        To change the node number use the following command.

           chdev -l ssar -a node_number=#

        To show the systems node number do the following command.

           lsattr -El ssar

        Having the node numbers set to non-zero values enables the
        target mode devices to be configured.

        Run cfgmgr command to configure the tmssa# devices on each

        Check that the tmssa devices are available on each system using
        the following command.

            lsdev -C | grep tmssa

        The Target Mode SSA serial network can now be configured in
        an HACMP cluster.  

          Select Configure Adapters from the Cluster Topology menu.

          Select Add an Adapter and press Enter.

          Enter the fields as follows.

            Adapter Label
              Unique label for adapter.  For example, adp_tmssa_1
            Network Type
              Pick tmssa from the pop up pick list.
            Network Name
              Arbitrary name used consistently for all adapters
              on this network.  For example, tmssa_1
            Network Attribute
              Set this field to Serial.
            Adapter Function
              Set this field to service.
            Adapter Identifier
              Enter the device name /dev/tmssa#
            Adapter Hardware Address
              Leave this field blank.
            Node Name
              Enter the name of the node the adapter is connected to.

          Press Enter.  The system adds these values to the HACMP for
          AIX ODM and returns you to the Configure Adapters menu.

          Repeat the above procedure to define the other adapters
          connected on the SSA loop.

       The following IBM manuals are applicable for SSA:
            7133 SSA Disk Subsystems Additional Installation and
            Service Information,  Order Number 97H0535

       Especially for multiple node loops, it is essential to
            thoroughly test all loop scenarios, such as when one more
            adapters fails (ie breaks loop ) and when an adapter, or
            node, looses power (ie bypass card behavior test to verify
            configuration guidelines were followed).

Tom Weaver        (512) 838 8277, T/L 678-8277


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