VAX/SGI -> IBM RISC/6000 source format problem with FORTRAN code

VAX/SGI -> IBM RISC/6000 source format problem with FORTRAN code

Post by hobe.. » Sat, 20 Oct 1990 04:06:58

I am porting several programs that compile on SGI and vaxen to the IBM

problem : the source is tab delimited and extends over 72 columns and will
therefore not be accepted by xlf. Replacing tabs with spaces will not work as,
the fixed format for xlf will ignore colums beyond 72. Free format source on
the otherhand requires a "-"(!!) at end of line for long lines and will not
accept either the tab delimited stuff or continuation lines (ie column 6 etc ).

anyone worked this out ?!!


PS: WHY use a confusing "-" sign to indicate a continuation line a "\" would
have been more appropriate here.


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Hello there,

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After turn-on  power, LCD show it's process following details below:
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