Wang AIX imaging announcements

Wang AIX imaging announcements

Post by Imaging Clu » Thu, 09 Jul 1992 06:27:25

Let us know if you would also like the detailed text of the Wang
OPEN/image AIX document imaging announcements from the AIIM show.


1. Wang OPEN/image document imaging for AIX starts shipments

The Wang Integrated Imaging System (recently ranked as the number one
document imaging system by Computerworld) has been ported to AIX, with
equivalent or better functionality, and named OPEN/image for AIX.
Customer shipments began in September.

While "many vendors have been mimicking WIIS...., Wang has stayed ahead
by adding color and gray-scale support.  Wang is the only major
document imaging vendor to have achieved this," said Rich Barrett, manager
of the client/server component of the product.   The development group
also significantly improved the speed of black and white images.

Full information and demonstrations are now available from any
Wang office or Wang imaging business partner worldwide.

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