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I have found a communication between you and a programmer who
worked for us a few years ago.  I have been searching the internet to
see if aix-digest still exists and have found no reference.

I am looking for any information regarding installation problems that
AIX users may have incurred in Ver. 4.3.  We are moving from 4.1 to

I would appreciate any information available, even knowing you exist
would be nice.


Sandy Gandy
Systems Programmer
Westark - Ext. 7453


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Hello AIX Gurus,

I would like to know if there is a way AIX 4.1.4  would read backups
created from UNIX Utility dump. (to be specific these backups were
created by dump running on Sequent Dynix/ptx v2.1.0 and they are Sys V


Unix Systems Administrator

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