Name resolver problems on the RS6000

Name resolver problems on the RS6000

Post by Nita Avala » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 13:30:24

I have an rs6000/320-h set up on a token ring subnet, which looks
up a sun 490 on an ethernet subnet as the nameserver.  Problem is,
from any of the clients and the servers on the ethernet subnet I can
ping the rs6000/320-h by both it's hostname and the ip address, but
I can't ping, rlogin, etc. by hostname from the rs6000/320-h any of
the servers/clients on the ethernet.  The NIS services are not yet
turned-on on the rs6000.

If I move the /etc/resolv.conf and add appropriate entries in the
/etc/hosts on the 6000, ping, etc. by hostname works (obviously).

What did I miss?  Does this have anything to do with DNS not being
supported on the SUN/OS?  If so, how do I fix it?  Thnx in advance.



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I'm having trouble when using the socks library: seems that the name resolver
is not working correctly on my workstation. Some info about the configuration
I'm using:
        SS10 / 512
        Solaris 2.4
        socks 4.1 / socks 4.2.pre
        Not using the NIS
Problem is that if the file /etc/resolv.conf is not there, the socks library
hangs for a couple of minutes, then exits with an error. If it is there,
socks will work, with no name binding at all (only IP addresses). Tried to
debug with nslookup, hangs as well. Looked on my other machine running SUNOS4.1.3,
I don't have this problem, even when no /etc/resolv.conf is there.

Any hint ? e-mail me at:

I will really appreciate it,

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