Storix for AIX backups?

Storix for AIX backups?

Post by CJ » Fri, 17 Jan 2003 09:31:11

I've just completed the 30-day trial of Storix Backup Administrator for
AIX, which has been working very well. It has a lot of features I'd like
to use to better automate my system backups on my network. Even so, I'm
not sure if I'm comfortable replacing the tried and true "mksysb" with a
non-IBM product, especially since I haven't had the chance to actually
reinstall a system with it (although the manual looks great).

So, can anyone share their own experiences with this product and/or the
support they provide?



1. "live" filesystems backup on AIX using backup/mksysb/sysback/storix

I have been digging into the various backup programs for a site with
many AIX servers and a few SPs as well.

None of the documentation I have looked at difnitely says that it can
safely backup "live" (unmounted and unqueisced) file systems. Does
somebody know which of the various backup solutions can accomplish
backing up "live" file systems safely.


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