RS6000 7011-220

RS6000 7011-220

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Is there anybody,who could send me a Manual of this Risc?????



RS6000 7011-220

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A good starting point is probably:

Most stuff is available as a PDF. The older stuff like the 220 you may have
to come at sideways, using the adapters/devices and diagnostics guides for
MCA machines...


Quote:> Hi!

> Is there anybody,who could send me a Manual of this Risc?????

> Thanks


1. SCSI Bus Errors on RS6000 7011-220

Unfortunately, no big surprises in the above. RS6k's are extremely picky
about what you connect to them. The Western Digital is in fact an IBM
OEM drive, and is made to IBM specs, and probably has a modified BIOS to
accommodate the 'peculiarities' of the RS6k. Which version of AIX are
you trying to load? AIX 4.3.2 will fit onto a 1GB drive quite happily.
Remember that the documentation (man pages) does NOT have to be loaded
onto that machine, it's in HTML and as such can be viewed in a browser
on a normal PC. Useful feature that, it means you use the documentation
even when the machine has 'died'. I'm not even sure if the 220 will
support a 2GB drive, perhaps someone else can sort that out for you.

But I would try to get a 'True Blue' drive if I were you, there should
be a few around on the second user market somewhere.

Ian Brown

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