Question #3 - Alternate kernel / boot solution

Question #3 - Alternate kernel / boot solution

Post by Ez-Ato » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 18:33:56

In my company developers and QA personnel crush the AIX (4.3.3) quite a lot.
I have to rescue-boot from the CD, and recover their disaster.
I would like a suggestion (as I've seen bosboot, and mksysb, and read their
documentation), but assuming I wish to add an alternate bootable partition
on my AIX, one to which I can call at anytime, with a minimal / and /usr
(and /var, etc...) without assigning it to a different VG (one option is
adding it to the already existing rootvg), or without forcing a new vg to
be called rootvg, while retaining the existing rootvg (aka, different vg,
but with different name). It will allow me fast boot when they crush the
kernel, and kill (yet again) /etc/inittab (which they do quite a lot...).



Question #3 - Alternate kernel / boot solution

Post by Mark Taylo » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 01:16:58

look up alt_disk_install command in the docs. you can clone the current
system to another disk or install from mksysb etc.. all when the system
is up and running


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