GNU Emacs on '6000 AIX 3.1

GNU Emacs on '6000 AIX 3.1

Post by Marc Pawlig » Sun, 10 Mar 1991 09:19:35

_Please_ put this in the FAQ, it has been asked and answered too many times...

Version 18.57 of GNU Emacs, available via anonymous ftp from,
supports the '6000 running AIX 3.1.  'Supports' means it builds if you follow
the directions :-) ; it handles IBM-specific cursor keys; it unexecs and it
contains other IBM-specific fixes.

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1. GNU emacs config files for the AIX 3.1

Scott> Does anyone out there have GNU emacs config files for the
Scott> RS/6000?  I'm looking for the m-?.h and s-?.h files used in
Scott> configuring GNU.  Thanks,

I think consensus on the net has it that these requests should be made
in comp.unix.aix and leave for IBM RT and AIX 2.2.1
questions... Anyway, patches and such for GNU EMACS on RISC
System/6000 machines can be gotten from by
anonymous ftp.

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