info wanted on 3rd party disks for RISC System/6000's

info wanted on 3rd party disks for RISC System/6000's

Post by Vic Abe » Wed, 03 Apr 1991 06:39:05

I've been watching this group for information on 3rd party SCSI disks
for RISC System/6000's lately and haven't seen anything.  If anyone
is willing to share any experience, I would like to hear it.  Please
respond via e-mail and I'll try to summarize for this news group.

                UUCP:           pur-ee!abe


1. 3rd-party peripherals (disk) for RS/6000's

Two days ago, I posted a query regarding installation/use of 3rd-party
SCSI disks for POWERserver 540's.  In particular, I'm interested in
knowing which 3rd-party SCSI disks people are using on their RS/6000's
and how successful their experiences have been.  Seagate makes two fa-
milies of disks which look very interesting, and are substantially less
expensive than IBM's prices: Elite (highest-performance) and WREN.  Of
course there are many other manufacturers of SCSI disks, but these look
interesting from a price/performance perspective.  Could I hear from
those of you who have tried this?  Thanks.

Gary Smith
University of Texas System CHPC
Balcones Research Center
Austin, Texas 78758

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