Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Post by John R. Ca » Mon, 09 Nov 1992 07:22:13

I have tried all day to configure a tape drive
on my RS6000/220 running AIX3.2.  Going through smit I

1.  Try to add the IBM 1/4 150 MB drive.  I get
Method error (/etc/methods/cfgsctape):
    0514-047 Cannot access a device

2.  Try to add an Archive DAT as an "other scsi tape"
I get the same error.

I have tried #1 on an RS6000/320 and it works.  Is there something
wrong with the 220's?

Thanks....John Cary

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1. Re. Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220 Re: Problems adding tape drives to RS6000/220

Your system does not find the tape during boot phase. For IBM tapes normally
plug them, switch them on, boot up the system and AIX automatically
configures them.

The 220 uses other SCSI cabels than your 320 are they ok. Check the SCSI ID
of your tape - maybe you have other devices using the same ID. Run
'lscfg -v' to display all devices.

frank ;-)

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