SLIP for RS/6000?

SLIP for RS/6000?

Post by Gerard K. Newm » Fri, 21 Dec 1990 10:17:33

Please excuse me if this question has been asked before;

someone asked me if an RS/6000 supports SLIP.  Not having an
RS/6000, or AIX documentation I can't RTFM to find out.  If some
kind soul can tell me (e-mail address below) I would sure appreciate


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SLIP for RS/6000?

Post by Robin D. Wils » Sat, 22 Dec 1990 05:34:51

Quote:>someone asked me if an RS/6000 supports SLIP.  Not having an

This has been asked on this forum several times, so here goes...

AIX v3.1 supports multiple SLIP interfaces; however, more than one will not
work until the 3003 update level is applied.  If you can get more than one
SLIP interface operating at once at levels lower than 3003, it is purely a
matter of luck.  The basic problem has to do with how SLATTACH figures out
which interface to use for a given connection, often times it guesses wrong
and ends up with sl0 attached to the physical device intended for sl1, etc.

3003 is a much brighter picture...

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