remote printing and tcp/ip access under 3.2

remote printing and tcp/ip access under 3.2

Post by Ron Coh » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 23:01:57

A solution to my remote printing (and access) under 3.2
has been found thanks to the IBM hotline.  There is a bug in 3.2
and it is necessary to use dotted decimal internet numbers
in hosts.equiv and hosts.lpd to get remote access to work,
even if nameserving seems to work OK.
It is not clear if this is always the case or only on systems
configured certain ways.  Hope this is of some help.
  Ron Cohen

remote printing and tcp/ip access under 3.2

Post by Peter Blem » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 23:07:22


I've gotten the X11R5 server for the IBM RT from and
it almost works. This is AIX2.2.1. The release notes say that the backing
store is broken but the Megapel server works okay without it. I'm a complete
X-rube when it comes to source code, so I'm winging this installation. I'm
trying to figure out why my server keeps*, and I've learned the
following... The code to turn off the backing store is not included by
default, but rather has a few compile time flags to include it. Unfortunately
I am pretty short of disk space, so I cleaned up the distribution tree
and restored all the stuff I put to tape to make space to install X.  I've
removed all the .o's so I'm munging about with adb to modify values in the
server (dbx doesn't seem to want to do it). I've set the following:

        disableBackingStore = 0x1
        defaultBackingStore = 0x0
        ibmBackingStore = 0x0

Now, the following behavior is observed... I can start twm, xterm, and xclock
and things seem to run okay. If I try to use the twm pulldown menu, I get
a black shadowed box (about the right size and shape of the twm menu on my Sun4),
but the text never gets filled in and the server hangs at this point. By
*, I mean that I can no longer see or move the mouse. If I'm using an
xterm and I try to use the pop-up menus (ctrl-left mouse, etc), the box
pops up with the correct border drawn (black border, inside painted white), but
the server hangs at this point also. I never see the menu entries filled in
either. I don't start a window manager, but just an xterm, telnet to the
RS/6000 and run mwm -display rt:0.0, I get the hourglass cursor and after a
moment or two the server hangs (e.g. I can not move the mouse, etc.).

Does anyone have any experience with X11R5 and the RT running AIX2.2.1? Am I
seeing a memory contention problem? This is a 6150/135 with 16mb RAM and about
32mb of swap space. I've also installed the kernel patch that inhibits programs
from consuming the machine in monitor mode (Interleaf was killing the system).
The X11R5 source was patched through to fix-10 before I began compiling everything.

Any pointers would be greatly appriciated. If anyone has an Xibm binary that
they can make available I'd be forever greatful.

Peter Blemel


1. problems with remote printing under AIX 3.2 (and other remote access problems)

I just installed AIX 3.32 on my R6000/320 and though the install went
smoothly, the R6000 no longer allows remote (tcp/ip) access to the printer.  I
did a "complete overwrite install" and then went through and
configured the network and the remote printer access, and have
rebooted several times, stopped started lpd, etc., but I always get
the message: "your host does not have line printer access" back from
the R6000.  Printing works OK from the R6000, and interestingly, the
"on" command" works from the remote host and I can type "on ___ lpr "
and the R6000 does print then.  I tried both fully qualified and just
the hostname in the /etc/hosts.lpd file.  I am trying to print from a
Sun running 4.1.1 as well as other hosts that use BSD style printer
addressing.  Before the upgrade, remote printing worked fine.  

Another strange (related?) feature is that when I type "rsh" from the
remote host I get "Login incorrect." whereas rsh used to work.  It
sounds to me like the network authentication has been messed with.
One last (related?)  problem is that I can't get the R6000 to act as a
pcnfs server (after taking the comment out of /etc/inetd.conf) whereas
it used to work as a pcnfs server before.

  Any ideas?

  Ron Cohen
  Geophysical Laboratory
  Carnegie Institution of Washington

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