How to ged rid of HSM for /var

How to ged rid of HSM for /var

Post by Karsten Seress » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 07:05:24

Hi !
I made a big mistake! Ich installed HSM for /var.
I could not be removed.
Now the machine will not come up again.
Is there a possibility to get rid of this ?




1. sh var -> awk var -> sh var

I want to do something like the following:
echo "-----------end----------------"
line_num=`expr $line_num + 1`
awk '{  
       for( ; n%=xx ; n++ )  <---xx means a number.
     }' n=$page_line          <---this need input, else it stop....
line_num=$n    <-----I want $line_num = n in awk.
I need certain length of the outfiles, so if "----end----" end at line number
which is not enough, space lines are added to enough length number.

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