Ultra Wide SCSI drives on AIX

Ultra Wide SCSI drives on AIX

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I heard that an ULTRA WIDE SCSI drive can be used as an SSA drive. Is this
true. We are investigating whether there are cheaper disk solutions than SSA
for AIX (SCSI RAID 5 or Mirroring).


Louis Banens


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Hello list!!

I am a technician for a company called Procom Technology.  We are resellers
of hardrives and I am having a tough time with a tricky AIX problem.  If

as I am not on the mailing list.  The situation I have is that a customer
has bought  a Seagate ST19171W from my company with the guarantee that it
would work in their system (described above).  From what I can tell over
the phone (ESP) is that the SCSI controller is configured correctly in the
system and is functioning correctly.  However, contrary to my experience
(with other OSes) AIX detecting the SCSI card does not impy that the
hardrive will be detected.  I need to find out if it is possible to
configure a non-IBM signature drive in AIX?  If it is, how is it done.  All
responses are appreciated.  Quick responses are highly appreciated (This
customer is flipping out!).

Many Thanks!

Keehan Mallon
Procom Tech Support

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