Aix 4.3.1 - tty problems after upgrade from Aix 4.1.5

Aix 4.3.1 - tty problems after upgrade from Aix 4.1.5

Post by mark addiso » Fri, 04 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I have recently upgraded an RS/6000 to AIX 4.3.1 from Aix 4.1.5. The RS/6000
machine has 4 x DIGI concentrators (RAN's) connected to a 128 port
multiplexor card in the machine. This gives us 64 tty serial port

Only 36 of the tty's are populated, and connected to the tty's are standard
modems. On each of the ports we have substituted the standard AIX getty
process with our own getty process, which is a standard AIX shell script.
The script for our own getty works fine, as it did before the upgrade. But
when the script ends, with the "exit" command, the modem carrier would drop
on the tty, ending the remote session with the user. Since the upgrade, the
modem carrier does not drop, but our getty process respawns with a new
process id, and allows the user to log in again.

It is a pretty serious problem for the company, because it is costing our
less computer literate users, a large amount of money in telephone charges,
because they do not know how to terminate the modem call.

Has anybody ever encountered this problem? , Could anybody offer any
solutions ?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Addison
Technical Support.


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