Post by U2.. » Fri, 05 Jul 1991 02:38:08

Can anyone explain why a rdump of rather small filesystem to a
remote tape drive would require more than 1 8mm tape?  When I
back the filesystem up on the local device, it only uses a fraction
of the tape.  But the rdump is looking for at least 3 8mm.

The rrestore doesnt work at all.  The file access permissions do not
allow the specified action.  I added s bit to command and enabled
extended permissions.  Any ideas?  Tony



Post by r.. » Sat, 06 Jul 1991 23:20:17

 I had the same problem with rdump asking for many 8mm tapes when
 backing up a large filesystem.  It worked when I used it with
 "-s 999999" in the command.  

 I'm not sure if the 9s are documented anywhere, but we use it and
 the -s switch with the command backup as well.

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I am looking for a version of rdump/rrestore for an AT&T 6386/33 computer
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I know I could use cpio/tar for this but I like dump/restore much more
(especially because of the interactive mode of restore).

Please reply directly; I will summarize if there is enough interest.


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