NFS on 3.2.5, timeout error on nfs mounted filesystem

NFS on 3.2.5, timeout error on nfs mounted filesystem

Post by Zora » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'm restoring, from tape, to a nfs mounted filesystem. The filesystem
owner is a node on a SP2. Since this SP2 node, has no tape drive, and we
don't have that remove tape device stuff configured (or purchased) I
restore from another rs6k that has the filesystem from the SP2 node nfs

One of the files being restored is about 1Gig in size. Things are kind
of ok. But about 200M into restoring that 1Gig file, I get a timeout
error, and restore quits.

Anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this? It isn't always at
the 200M mark. Sometimes I get 300M before it times out. I know for sure
there's no other activity on this part of the network.

So, my workaround is to restore to a local filesystem and use tar and
ftp. The ftp works *MUCH* faster between the nodes, than does nfs. But I
would like to get this nfs problem cured.

Thanks, Zoran.


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