can an rs/6000 do real time, My IBM rep says so?

can an rs/6000 do real time, My IBM rep says so?

Post by Russell A. Heis » Thu, 11 Oct 1990 23:15:14

 > Our IBM rep is telling me that the RS/6000's AIX can do real time
 > applications.  Specifically, he says setting a proceses priority to the
 > highest value will guarantee that process responding to an interrupt
 > within a fixed about of time.  This sounds totally off-the-wall to me.
 > Can anyone elaborate on the real time capabilities of the rs/6000 , if
 > any.

 Yes, root-owned processes can set themselves to a fixed priority and
 potentially disable most interrupts.  For more information, have your
 IBM rep search through InfoExplorer on his branch RS/6000 on the search
 words "setpri" and "getpri".

Russ Heise, AIX Technical Support, IBM


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Can anyone tell me if there is any real-time video boards for
the RS/6000s?  I would like to capture video input from a TV
or camcorder and display the video on screen (under X Window?)
in real-time.  I would also like to send the video info over
the network (FDDI and/or Ethernet) to another RS/6000.

Thanks in advance.


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