Post by Roger Ratcli » Sat, 23 Feb 1991 02:57:57

I have been trying to draw some lines to represent values in a vector
on my rs/6000, 320, grayscale.  I found the gl routines but they seem to
need the SG board.  I tried the XGSL routines but got an error

xlf -lxgsl -lX11 -lXext window1.f
** main   === End of Compilation 1 ===
1501-510  Compilation successful for file window1.f.
0706-317 ERROR: Unresolved or undefined symbols detected:
                 Symbols in error (followed by references) are
                 dumped to the load map.

The program window1.f is below

      integer buf(128),x(2),y(2)
      external gsinit,gsmult
      call gsinit(buf,0,-1,0,0,-1)
All I want to do is draw lines, it cant be that hard.
 I tried my SE on Friday, Monday, tuesday and
wednesday with no response except "Yes, I'll check on that"

I would appreciate any help (especially the correct set of routines to use)
Roger Ratcliff


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