AIX 3.2.5 source distribution content ...

AIX 3.2.5 source distribution content ...

Post by Darryl Stye » Thu, 03 Sep 1998 04:00:00

The AIX 3.2 Source Code Build Guide says that my source distribution
contains 9 optional program products (OPPs) in addition to what is part
of bos.  The OPPs present are adf, commo, des, bosnet, ncs, nfs,
package, tenplus, and tcpip.  Where can I find a complete list of AIX
3.2.5 OPPs?


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Hello all!

Is there a way to automatically build *.deb files in binary-i386
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I wish to constantly update binary distribution, but downloading
binary packages requires a lot of bandwidth. I hope to able to
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sources, saving on bandwidth and time.

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