Need AIX Expert's help: AIX 4.2 PPP setup

Need AIX Expert's help: AIX 4.2 PPP setup

Post by Dennis Wo » Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hi AIX Expert,

I am trying to setup a PPP server on an AIX machine for dial-in internet
access (dial-in machines will be using Windows95). But I have not able to
get it to work yet. As far as I can tell, the modem and the tty is working
properly (i can dial-in and get the AIX login screen).

I have searched over the the Info-Explorer database but found little
information on how to setup the PPP. If you have successfully install a
working PPP server, please share your experience with me. If possible, step
by step procedures will be most useful to me (as u can tell, I am
inexperience in AIX).

Thanx a million! (if possible, please email me with the ans, i don't
monitor this group)

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1. AIX 4.2: Need help repairing a filesystem that causes flashing 888's

Hi All,

I have an RS6K model 7006 that is running AIX 4.2.1. Something has
damaged files
on one filesystem in such a way that any attempt to access them in any
way causes a crash: flashing 888 - 102 - 700 - 0c0. This includes the
commands rm -rf, ls, acledit, tar and others. Even fsck run on the
quiescent (unmounted filesystem) fails - it issues the following
messages and simply exits.

** Checking  /dev/rlv01 (/home)
** Phase 0 - Check Log
log redo processing for /dev/rlv01
** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
Unknown File Type I=41088 owner=1827866635 mode=36635053170 size=

(At which point fsck exits)

I would prefer to fix the filesystem if possible rather than deleting
the filesystem/logical volume, recreating the filesystem and restoring
from last weeks backups (assuming that process would work). Almost all
the files are apparently still accessible - there appear to be a small
number of files that cause the error noted above. I have run stand-alone
diagnostics on the computer including the SCSI bus as well as the disks
(including a surface verify) which seem to minimize the possibility of a
hardware fault.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Are there any tools
available to manually repair the inode map/entries? Even deleting these
files/directories that are causing the errors would be fine.



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