Missing ifor_ls.base.cli LUM Install

Missing ifor_ls.base.cli LUM Install

Post by jam.. » Sun, 13 Aug 2000 04:00:00


I have been trying to install LUM 4.5.5 for the past two days on a 4.2.1
Machine.  In all cases the result is the same: There are no files in
/var/ifor and a requisite reference to this fileset mentioned in the
Subject is indicated.  I have tried our 4.2.1 OS CD and every location
mentioned in this forum.  There is nothing on the CD, and most of the
online references are fixes that require the original package to be

I did find this fileset on our 4.3.3 OS CD's but of course this
fileset install fails when it detects the 4.2.1 OS.

What sort of 'IBM Magic' has to occur for this to install properly?


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