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 I runing flower commends:
1: traceson -lt attachment -o UBSLAP
2: tracesoff -t attachment -o UBSLAP
3: sf -f /var/sna/UBSLAP | pg
 why 80 bytes limits ?

1. Cannot Stop SNA trace

I have an AIX system running Communicatins Server 3.2.1.

I am trying to run in order to but each time I get the
message that the trace will not run because there is an already active

When I  display SNA tracing it shows that the "failure" trace is
active.  I can't find where it is started - it seems tobe activated at
boot - and I cannot stop it via smitty or tracesoff or trcstop or even
with a kill -9.

Can anyone offer advice as to how to kill the trace and how to prevennt
it starting. (I have looked in /etc/rc.sna but the command is not

Thanks and regards
John Souden

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