Is a career in AIX Unix a good career move?

Is a career in AIX Unix a good career move?

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A few things to consider:

1.  What kind of salary are they offering?  If it is the same as you present
salary (and I hope
     that it isn't) then:

2.  Where do you want to be in say 10 years?

3.  Define on-call.  If you don't have to wear a pager or carry a cell phone
then you're not on call.

4.  What is your promotion path?

5.  What kind of application will run on the AIX system.  Who is responsible
for the software &

6.  Are you changing supervisors?  Do you "like" the new supervisor?  Sometimes
it is better
      not to make a move if you know that the new supervisor will be difficult
to work with.

7.  How old are you and how long have you been in your present position?  Some
     people have a hard time working in an autonomous environment.

8.  The training that they want you to take is great.  This is an excellent
opportunity to develop
      new, and very marketable skills.  But, you need to consider that you will
have to travel quite
      a bit to take the necessary classes.  Can you do that?

9.  I'd ask to sit with the decision makers and look over all the paperwork
related to the purchase/
      lease agreement.  Find out where this system fits in to the total IS
scheme and how dedicated
      they are to keeping up with the technology.

If all of this seems to point in a positive direction, then I would say that
this is a good move for you.
Welcome to the world of AIX/UNIX Administration.


Bob Harlan
Senior Technical Support Analyst
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