Reducing the size of /usr partition?

Reducing the size of /usr partition?

Post by Ted Schreib » Tue, 15 Dec 1992 14:21:11

I'm in the process of installing CAEDS on our RS6000 520's ( 3.2.2) with
670 Mb SCSI Drives. They only have 95Mb of Swap and CAEDS ( A Solid
Modeling and Analysis App) requires 135Mb of Swap.

Problem: Not enough free PP's to use as swap, and I Don't want to swap over
the Net.   SMIT tells me that reducing a partition can't be done - Is this
truely the case ? Is there some clever way of doing this, like wiping out
/usr and restoring it with a smaller partition - /usr is the only partition
that I could
do this on, the rest on the local disk would all be too small.

Please email any thoughts


Ted Schreiber
Mechanical Enginering
Northwestern University


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Does anybody know how to reduce the size of /dev/hd2 LV?
I am using AIX 4.3.2 and F50 machine.

Is it possible that I make a copy of /usr to say /usr_backup, destory
/dev/hd2 LV in the rootvg, recreate
it and copy /usr_backup back to /usr in the /dev/hd2 LV?

Thanks for any advices.

Kheng Chye

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