PS/2 with aix and digiboard and printer

PS/2 with aix and digiboard and printer

Post by Geoff Colem » Sat, 08 Jun 1991 12:36:18

Help !!
        Is anyone out there running an IBM ps/2 (model 80 if it makes a
difference) under aix 1.2 (with the 24 disk patch ) and using a digiboard
(mc8xi I believe) to control a serial printer using xon/xoff flow control.

We have this installed on a machine and have had nothing but grief in getting
the flow control to work. After trying to explain to Digiboard's front
line support person that the print spooler under AIX is not the same as System
V and that you can't just put an stty line at the top of the interface file
(or can you ?) she finally said that the solution was to:

$ nohup (the nohup is mine actually) cat < /dev/tty??? > /dev/null &
$ stty ixon ixoff < /dev/tty??

Not only did she say this was the end solution and not just a work around
until they fixed their interface/driver/???, she also insisted that lot's
of their customers were using this all the time to make printers work. Which
is kind of weird because it took them about a month to come up with this fix
to the problem.

She was also insisting that this is a problem that is common to all intelligent
port cards and that just because it worked fine on the internal serial port
did not mean the problem was with the Digiboard code.

As well it would seem that they only have one person who understands aix 1.2
and he is not paid to speak to customers.

On the other hand what are other multiport boards for AIX 1.2 which work with
printers etc.

Geoff Coleman