out of paging space

out of paging space

Post by reinhard.ha.. » Thu, 09 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Running sendmail (+ qpopper) on a SP-Cluster  (AIX 4.3.2 - HACMP), we noticed that the
paging space in use grows about 100 KB per minute.

But the interesting part is that there is only a process (determined with svmon) which
uses pageing space. This process is "swapper" (pid == 0). And realmemory (vmtuned
to 20% for files) is not the problem, i.e. there is a lot of free real-memory and vmstat
shows no paging!!!)

svmon shows that the segment "work page table area" grows till about 32KB, creating
a new segment which then grows ... (we cannot find any process which owns this
segment ??? ).

After stopping all (mailserver-)processes, the allocated paging space still remains.
We have to reboot the machine to free up the paging space.

Is there anybody out there having similiar problems - advices are welcomed!



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Would anyone be kind enough to explain to me why systems usually have
more page-outs than page-ins? It has got me stumped for quite some
time. I would think that if 100mb is paged out from memory to disk,
then similarly 100mb should be paged-in back from disk to physical

Or is my understand of paging-in and paging-out wrong? i.e Page-outs
occur when a page is pushed from main memory to the paging space due
to a variety of reasons (lack of physical memory being one of them)
while page-ins' occur when there is free physical memory and these
pages are pushed back from disk back to the physical memory.


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