64/32 bit binaries

64/32 bit binaries

Post by nilesh pate » Thu, 12 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Can we load a 32 bit binary into 64 bit kernel ?
How to differentiate/find weather a particular object file is 32 or 64
bit ? What is the command for that ?

Can we call an extension an object file ?

What are the issues if we go from 32 bit kernel to 64 bit kernel
regarding kernel extensions ?




1. code to determine 64-bit vs 32-bit binaries?

Can anyone post sample code showing how to determine, within a Solaris
process space, whether a program it's about to exec is a 64-bit or
32-bit executable? No use saying "man file"; I have to do it within the
current process. And of course the next obvious response is "take a look
at GNU or BSD file commands and see what they do". Unfortunately I've
tried that and it's not working right. So if any of you have ever had to
do this and have a few lines of C code to post, I'd appreciate it.


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