active directory authentication

active directory authentication

Post by Tomas Baubly » Wed, 12 Jun 2002 17:46:44

Is it possible to authenticate AIX 4.3/5.1 users on microsofts active directory? If it is, how to do this?
Here are some suggestions, any hints are welcome:
1) The first solution could be the installation of IBM Secureway LDAP Server on AIX and forwarding authentication requests via LDAP to AD
2) How to store the unixrelevant information in AD (UID, GID)? Did someone managed to get working with AIX?

1. Microsoft Active Directory Authentication


I have a large organization that is primary based on Microsoft Windows and
all user data is stored in the MS Active Directory (LDAP).

I also have a bunch of UNIX/LINUX/BSD servers/client. All these
Unix/Linux/BSD computers have theire own users/groups account stored localy.

My question is: Is there an way that I can connect all these *nix computer
to the MS Active Directory, and authenticate the users from there?

- Knut Magne Huglen

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