TCP/IP printing and filter

TCP/IP printing and filter

Post by Dr. Gerhard Schneid » Thu, 05 Apr 1990 03:36:42

I try to use the filter facility for the lpdbe network printer drivers.
I did include the filters into /etc/filters. However I find that my
own filters are simply ignored. If I rename my filter into /bin/pr -
the standard filter in /etc/filters - then my filter is accepted.

This happens on an RT with AIX 2.2.1, upgrade 1745 and TCPIP 1724.

Any help will be appreciated
Gerhard Schneider


1. Help with Slackware 7, /etc/printcap, filters, and TCP/IP Printing

Hello to all:

We work we have two TCP/IP printers - HP LJ 4050TN with JetDirect card,
and a Savin 9935DP b/w copier/printer.   We also have a Slackware 7
linux box.  Everything in the office is 100-BaseT connected.   I have
set up a basic /etc/printcap to permit communication with the two
printers.  The problem is with proper text formatting.

- For the HP, I want to install a filter to convert all text to
postscript, print the document, and send a form feed to spit out the
result.   Images, I assume, will work straight-up?

- For the Savin, I have no idea what is needed.

Thanks for any help.


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