Support for PaperSize A3 of HP 8500DN Printer

Support for PaperSize A3 of HP 8500DN Printer

Post by Michael Hoffman » Wed, 05 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I want to define two Print Queues (PostScript) for our new Printer HP
8500DN, one with default PaperSize A4 and the other for A3, but there is no
support for A3 in
smitty chvirprt
    Default Print Job Attributes
         PAPER SIZE override for input paper source

Because this setting overrides the default "input paper source" setting, I
cannot select the tray with A3 in it.
In order to select the Paper Tray with A3 paper in it, I have to define a
default Paper Size of A3. There is support in PCL or GL mode but not in

My AIX level ist 4.3.2

Is there anyone who has found a solution for this problem ?

Thanks for your help !


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