SSA Periodic Diag and diag diffs in AIX-433 and AIX-510

SSA Periodic Diag and diag diffs in AIX-433 and AIX-510

Post by Bela Gazd » Tue, 12 Nov 2002 21:07:09

If one goes into: diag => Task Selection => Periodic Diagnostics, in AIX-433
one can add the sysplanar, ioplanar, various SCSI adapters and devices to
the list of resources to be monitored. In AIX-510, however, the resource list
consists exclusively of the PROCESSORS. Why[1]? In 433 there is a "run_ela"
crontab entry that's absent in 510. Why[2]?

Another question related to diag: It seems that SSA disks are handeled
differently,as diag runs agains them via crontab entries, such as run_ssa_ela.
I believe that script supposed to send an email when a redundant SSA disk fails.
Days ago, a disk in a mirrored setup (within a six-pack) dropped out but no
notification was sent. The event did get logged in errlog, though.

All of my questions lead to this one: How can I configure the system to send me
(root, ssa_adm) an email when an SSA disk, or any other piece of HW fails?

Thanks Gang,    -Bela


1. Diag on AIX

Hi ,
I tryed to install Diag bundle on Aix  but  steel after doing
that I'm getting this  :

The 'diag' command is not supported on this system.

what should I do ??
or - did someone had the same problem ??


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