Generic SCSI device driver

Generic SCSI device driver

Post by Pao-Tzung L » Thu, 18 Feb 1993 12:49:12

I've used the /dev/scsi/* device on SGI IRIX 4.0.5 systems. It
is a user level programmable generic SCSI device that lets you build up
cdb's and send them to a SCSI device without any kernel hacking.

Is there any similar solution on the AIX system?

Any information is appreciated.

- Pao-Tzung Lai


1. Generic SCSI device drivers

[ I've only just started to learn scsi programming on AIX and I'm not
  too sure about other systems so I've reposted this followup to a
  couple of comp.unix groups in case I can attract comment or correction
  from the more knowledgeable. ]

IBM AIX (3.2) has a /dev/scsi which is programmable thru ioctl calls.
Their generic tape device drivers also have a ioctl interface to send
any scsi command, so even if the driver doesn't support a function,
a non-driver scsi program can access it.

SunOS ( I think. I recall seeing a boot message about loading drivers.)
has a scsi driver, but you need to buy a scsi programming toolkit for
the documentation needed to use it.

Both of those systems ( and I assume most unixes out there ) use a
hierarchy of drivers: both SunOS and AIX have bus drivers ( Sun:
/dev/sbus0, AIX: /dev/bus0 ) at the lowest level.
[ Anyone more capable of lecturing us on the specifics, feel free
  to join in here! - followups to comp.unix.internals. The header
  directs followups to the following question to comp.periphs.scsi,
  where this thread started. ]

The next question is: Is the ioctl interface to the scsi drivers
( or scsi device drivers ) standardized ? Either by UNIX bindings
in the CAM document, or by POSIX, And if so, which systems follow
that standard ?

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