new install of AIX 4.3.3, ESC key not working

new install of AIX 4.3.3, ESC key not working

Post by Chri » Sun, 22 Dec 2002 00:20:44

When I telnet or use Exceed to connect via ethernet, and I hit the ESC
key on my XP professional PC, it sneds a ^] to the std output, instead
of being a normal esc key, my arrow keys and function keys send
strange controll charecters as well. This makes VI, Smit, etc
impossible to use.

I get the same results using hyper terminal going into the serial

When I issue a shutdwon -Fr, it comes back up with the following:

Set Terminal Type
The terminal is not properly initialized.  Please enter a terminal
and press Enter.  Some terminal types are not supported in
non-English languages.

     ibm3101          tvi912          vt330
     ibm3151          tvi920          vt340
     ibm3161          tvi925          wyse30
     ibm3162          tvi950          wyse50
     ibm3163          vs100           wyse60
     ibm3164          vt100           wyse100
     ibmpc            vt320           wyse350
     lft              sun

I've tried setting to several different options and configured the
hyper terminal session the same.  Still behaves the same.

This is a 7043-150, with no graphics card, running AIX 4.3.3

Any suggestions?




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