disk drive carrier for 7044-270

disk drive carrier for 7044-270

Post by Patrick Hawl » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 04:56:36

Hello. We recently acquired a 44p series 7044-270 system with one
internal hd. I purchased an additional hd (Seagate 15kRPM Ultra-160
80-pin lvd hd)for the system through our usual (non-IBM) source, and
this just the bare hd (w/o carrier/tray/sled).

I know I can just put this hd in rails (also requires a
68&power<->80-pin SCA adapter) and install it in the additional media
slot below the CDROM, but I would prefer to purchase a disk drive
carrier for the system and install the drive in the second internal

I am unable to locate this carrier for purchase anywhere (our IBM
sales contact/eBay/usual online IBM used outlets).

Are these impossible to find? Does IBM forbid the sale of these so as
to force one to pay $2500 for a $500 hard drive? ;)

Patrick Hawley
Sys Admin
Object Computing, Inc.


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