!*!* PS/2 hardware, PC software, and Amiga stuff 4 Sale !*!*

!*!* PS/2 hardware, PC software, and Amiga stuff 4 Sale !*!*

Post by Jeff Franc » Wed, 17 Jan 1990 07:08:09

I have the following IBM PS/2 hardware, PC software, and Amiga stuff for
sale.  Everything is in good shape and I have the original packing for
all of the hardware.  Make me an offer on any of the software that
interests you.  And remember, Crazy Jeff has gotta move this stuff so
lets deal!

Jeff Francis

(319) 354-0765



IBM 3151 ASCII Display Station                                  $200

(This is a simple amber screen dumb terminal.  Supports
IBM 3101 emulation)

IBM PS/2 Model 80-071                                           $3500

(Includes Intel 80387, IBM Mouse, and PS/2 80 Technical Reference, BIOS
Technical Reference, Maintainance Reference, and Service Reference.
I'll also toss in whatever PC software you can talk me into!)

IBM 8514 16" Color Monitor                                 $1250
and IBM 8514/A 1024x768x256 Colors Video Adapter

(The video board includes the additional memory so that it
supports 256 colors at full 1024x768 resolution)

IBM 80386 2-6M Memory Expansion Adapter                         $700

(This board has a single 2MB memory module and can accept
two additional modules)

IBM Internal Tape Backup Unit                                   $400

(This is IBM's internal tape drive for PS/2's 50-80.  Installs
in the "B" drive slot.  Uses DC2000 tapes which provide 80 megabytes
of storage per tape.  Price includes drive, backup software, and
two tapes)

IBM Proprinter II                                               $200

(Printer has been upgraded with IBM serial port option and 5/8K
print buffer)

IBM 5.25" 360K External Drive with two adapters                    $300

(The standard IBM "aircraft carrier" external 5.25" drive.  Price
includes the regular adapter/connection that uses the "B" drive
slot and the adapter/connection that doesn't use the "B" drive slot.  The
later helps if you ever need to use the second drive slot (i.e. for internal
tape backup unit!)

IBM Internal 1200/A Modem                                       $200

(IBM's Internal 1200 baud modem for PS/2's 50-80)


IBM AIX for PS/2 386s                                           $1000

(IBM's UNIX for PS/2 70s and 80s.  The price includes the base operating
system, operating system extensions, development tools, C compiler,
useability services, DOS Merge, X-Windows, and text processing packages.)


Microsoft Project
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Works
IBM Interleaf Publisher
Framework III
Lotus Express
Lotus Metro
Lotus Manuscript 2.0
Lotus * Plus
FirstCADD w/Electronis-I Symbols
DAC Easy Accounting 3.0


Microsoft C5.1
Microsoft MASM 5.1
Microsoft Quick C 1.01
Microsoft Quick C 2.00
Microsoft Windows Software Developers Kit 2.0
Lattice dBC III Library
Aspen Scientific Curses/PC
Let's C w/Source Level De*
Dan Brinklin's Demo Program II
TI's Personal Consultant Easy (Expert System Shell)
TI's PC Scheme


Norton Commander 2.0
Norton Utilities (Adv. Edition 4.5)
Norton Guide to 8088 Assembly

Student Stuff

Student Edition Micro-Cap II
Student Edition MathCAD


Minix for IBM PC w/Reference Manual
Minix for IBM AT w/Reference Manual


Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 w/3 Scenery Disks
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator 2.0
Chessmaster 2000
Battlehawks 1942
Sentinel Worlds I


Intel 386 Reference Manuals Set
Lotus Guide to Agenda
Programming the 80386
Programming Microsoft Windows
Inside the 80386
Inside AutoCAD
Customizing AutoCAD

Amiga Stuff

Aztec MANX C 3.6 Developer System
Sculpt 3D + Animate 3D
Flight Simulator
AW Hardware Reference (2e)
AW ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes and Autodocs (2e)
Guru's Guide: Meditation #1 - Interrupts