Emacs 20.2.1

Emacs 20.2.1

Post by Jason Bow » Tue, 01 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I have recently installed this on an RS/6000 running 3.2.5.  It will run
fine for awhile and the it starts saying, "Illegal Instruction (core
dump)" upon starting up.  I grabbed the sources from the gnu ftp site and
followed the instructions to the letter for compiling and installing.  Has
anybody else seen this behavior?  Solutions?
Thanks in advance.

1. emacs-20.4 and AIX-4.2: some solution

Hi all,

Generally it is a bad habit to answer one's own questions.
This answer is (fortunately only partly) my own answer on
my own question.

Problem was:
Building emacs-20.4 on AIX- results in a core-dumping

Searching deja.com I came upon a few alike things and tried
the following:

I copied src/unexaix.c of the xemacs-21.1.6 distribution over
the one of emacs-20.4. This did not compile and I still do
not know why........next I edited this unexaix.c such that
it read:
int unexec (new_name, a_name, data_start, bss_start, entry_address)
     char *new_name, *a_name;
     unsigned data_start, bss_start, entry_address;

and not:
int unexec (char *new_name,
        char *a_name,
        uintptr_t data_start,
        uintptr_t bss_start,
        uintptr_t entry_address)

Then it compiled and I get a working emacs.

If anyone knows why this editing was necessary I would be
very curious about it.


Mazzel, cheers, bye, tabe, moi, tot ziens, have a nice day,
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