Configuring RS6000/Aix 4.3 Mail

Configuring RS6000/Aix 4.3 Mail

Post by RamV » Sun, 30 Jan 2000 04:00:00


Advise me for settingup Mail service like Microsoft Exchange under Aix




1. Booting Problems RS6000 7013-58h AIX 4.3

Hello, I recently purchased an rs/6000 unit that had been wiped clean
of any aix.  I need to boot it with aix 4.3 but cannot do so because
the only boot media I have are the cds.  It seems to only want to boot
from tape or floppy at startup, and in service mode the only choices
for bootint options is BOOTP from ethernet or token ring.  I would
appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks.

Charles Erwin

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