Problems putting a seagate 18XL on a 43P-260

Problems putting a seagate 18XL on a 43P-260

Post by Richard Lefebv » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

I want to upgrade a harddisk of a 43P-260 using a Seagate drive 18XL.
Here what I did:

I shutdown the system, added an 8mm tape, booted the system. Used
mksysb to do a backup of the system. Then shutdown the system.
I replaced the 4gig IBM drive with the Seagate. Booted from CDROM
and when to Maintenace mode to do an installation from backup.
All seems to have gone OK except at boot time the system shows
0840 which indicates a SCSI problem. I turned off the tape drive,
that didn't help. I disconneted the tape drive, and that didn't helped.

Is there something i'm missing like a jumper on the Seagate I should
set or something...


Richard Lefebvre, Sys-admin, CERCA, (514)369-5224            "Don't Panic"



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