Warning - problem SSA cables

Warning - problem SSA cables

Post by cyb.. » Fri, 10 Mar 2000 04:00:00

There are some defective blue 25m SSA cables in circulation.
part no 08L7912, made in portugal between 4499-0700.

They can cause spurious controller errors resulting in SSA locks.

If you have any of these cables I strongly recommend you change them.


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1. SSA cable and adapter

We currently have 2 PCI SSA Multi-Initiator/RAID EL adapter in a 7026-H50.
One adapter is connected to a 7133-020 with 4 black SSA cables (32H0097).
We are in the process of getting a 7133-D40 and planning on connecting it to
the 2nd adapter.
2 Questions:
1.  Any compatibility issue between the above adapter and 7133-D40?
2.  Can the same type of black SSA cables be used between the two? Or blue
ones only.
Keep getting difference answers from IBM tech.
Thanks in advance.

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